Anonymous: ahh yes 100% of the dozens of girls who finally gained the confidence to speak out about the harassment theyve received from sam pepper are all just lying out of jealousy! they're just fake crying and faking the tremble in their voice for attention, even tho some have remained anonymous so they DON'T receive attention. you'd rather take a little tweet from sam papper saying the videos were staged, more seriously than a 15 minute video of a girl vividly describing how she was anally raped by him?



The ass grab video doesn’t even concern me at this point. The allegations of rape, and molestation disgust me. I firmly believe we shouldn’t persecute, label, or condemn anyone without fair trial.

Wait and hear the truth. Let’s not treat anyone like a liar or criminal at this point there is no compelling evidence that he has raped anyone. 

I don’t believe anyone should experience the indignity of being raped, or being falsely labeled as a rapist. It brings tears to my eyes when I see anyone suffer. 

orionxo: I understand your concern, but this is one of those situations where “innocent until proven guilty” just will not work. In fact, most cases of sexual assault absolutely CANNOT work that way simply due to the fact that they are so damn hard to prove. And, if the evidence isn’t 100% fool proof, the lawyer of the alleged rapist will always find a way to turn the case around and say the victim is lying. It is incredibly easy, especially when the cops never took the victim seriously, which is what happens in most cases. “Innocent until proven guilty” is especially ineffective if the victim is a man because it is a general opinion that men cannot be raped. And it’s ineffective if the victim is a woman because she is always blamed for it in some way. 
As such, I choose to believe these women for two reasons:

1.) Sam Pepper made a video in which he sexually harassed and molested women on camera and then lied about the reason he did it. At first, he said it was a social experiment. Then he said the victims were “consensual actors.” But, a social experiment can only BE a social experiment if the person being acted on is unaware of what is going on. So that would mean, if what he was doing WAS, in fact, a social experiment, then he admitted to pinching women’s bums against their will. But if the women were actors, it can’t have been a social experiment.

2.) Both of the allegations of penetration rape have been anonymous. That means these women do not want attention. They do not want publicity. And they do not want their names being known. That being said, they do not GAIN anything. The rest of the women who accused him of molestation or soliciting nude pics, yes they might gain a bit of publicity, but the two anonymous women will NOT. And, in all the cases of false rape accusations I have heard of, the women falsely accused the men for attention, publicity, and 15 minutes of fame. These women will get none of that, so what would be the point in accusing him of the rape if it was not true? You say there is no way we can know if they are gaining something or not, but I want to know what YOU think these women could POSSIBLY gain from these anonymous confessions?

I appreciate your ideas of justice and yes, I do agree with innocent until proven guilty for the most part. But, in cases like these, it fails us. The legal system fails us. And those running the legal system fail us. Situations like this CANNOT be black and white.

Ok thank you for your response regarding the sam pepper accusations. 

I’m shocked to find out one of my favorite people could be accused of such things. 

These testimonies  mean nothing if the victims don’t seek legal remedy. He can be prosecuted for rape, and whatever else they accuse him of only if they provide sworn Oral evidence to the court. If the victims don’t pursue this in court I will never believe what they claim. If the anonsurvivor111 actually was raped she needs to seek justice. The court will be able to look further into her evidence she provided to us in more detail. 

Beyond that if he is in fact guity and these victims don’t seek legal remedy what’s the point of even telling us? Until these claims go to the legal system I do not believe a word they say. Trust, but verify. 

Another thing I was thinking about, what if he is guilty, and he just goes home to the UK and hides? I wonder if they could even catch him???


Song of the day: February 20, 2012
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i still love the jonas brothers and i’m not ashamed bye